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TFM Tracker feed management software

Modern dairymen want to know what they are feeding and what the costs are. TFM Tracker is a feed management system that provides livestock farmers with a total solution to manage feed costs, promote efficiency and improve production. TFM Tracker shows clearly the relations in programmed rations and fed rations. It offers the tools to reduce differences of up to 20%. It calculates and registers daily feed costs and DM intake which allows dairymen to feed more efficient and accurate and reduce peaks and troughs in production. The farmer has access to the data and feed reports from every device with internet access. Feed management as comfortable as you want. TFM Tracker is a feed management system, designed to assist with controlling feeding costs, to boost efficiency and to improve production. This system provides the professional livestock farmer with valuable management functions, such as stock-level management, online data exchange with feed advisors, and various report functions

  • Easy to use with wide service support
  • Nutritionist access
  • Worldwide access to TMF Tracker
  • Feed costs management
  • Optimum feeding
  • Stock-level management
  • Online data exchange with feed advisor
  • Various report functions




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TFM Tracker feed management software

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