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Gigant self-loading mixing wagon

The Gigant self-loading mixer feeder has an enormous loading capacity and preserves the structure and nutritional value of your feed. Its robust cutting board or grab allows easy loading of even large round or square bales and its unique cutting and loading system ensures that feed is cut from the silage without any loss of structure. In short, this is a compact, cost-saving mixer feeder. The Gigant is available in volumes of 5, 7 and 9 m3.

5 - 9 m³
Discharge type
Side door
Self loading
  • Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52
  • Adjustable drawbar for top connection (500) with 40 mm drawbar eye
  • Fixed drawbar for top connection (700-900) with 40 mm drawbar eye
  • 1 Restrictor blade
  • 2 side discharge doors
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft
  • Hydraulic loading arm
  • 1 Vertical auger
  • U-form hydraulic cutting system
  • Electric operation
  • With hydraulic brakes (700/900)
  • Trioform auger knives short
  • 2 Wheels




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Gigant self-loading mixing wagon

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