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Triomix 1/ Triomix S self-loading mixer feeder

The Triomix silage cutter and mixer feeder is an economically appealing machine. This self-loading mixer feeder permits just a single person and a single tractor to perform the entire loading, mixing and discharge process. The Triomix features a moving cutting or stationary knife and a purpose-designed cutting and loading system that guarantees minimum wastage during cutting and which maintains the structure of the feed. Thanks to its compact form and the excellent view to the rear from the tractor, the robust Triomix is very easy to manoeuvre. The Triomix is also available with a straw blower unit (Triomix P).

8 -12 m³
Discharge type
Front discharge
Self loading
  • 1 or 2 vertical Twin Stream augers
  • Wide angle PTO-shaft
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar with 40 mm drawbar eye
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar with 50 mm. drawbar eye (S2) 
  • Front conveyor belt
  • Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52
  • U-form frame with exchangeable stainless steel stationary knives (S1)
  • U-form frame with hydraulic cutting knive system (or stationary knives (S2 1200))
  • Tandem axle with 4 single wheels (2+S2)
  • Cutting by hydraulic pressure (S1+S2))
  • Electric operation
  • 2 large single wheels (1+S1)
  • Hydraulic loading system
  • 1 Restrictor blade
  • Sealing brush on loading board
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Trioform auger knives short 

Triomix 1


Triomix S1


Triomix (S)2




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Triomix 1/ Triomix S self-loading mixer feeder

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