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Vertifeed self-loading mixer feeding machine

The Vertifeed is a self-loading mixer feeder, featuring a loading frame and a single vertical mixing auger. The hydraulic loading frame is operated from the tractor cabin. When the machine is reversed, the loading frame is pushed under the feed. Two cylinders raise the loading frame and the feed is then tipped into the mixing chamber from above. The window to the front and the low tipping height ensure maximum visibility during the loading process. The machine can be used for all types of feed, allowing even the toughest (round or large square) bales of grass silage to be loaded, mixed and discharged effortlessly.

10 - 12 m³
Discharge type
Front discharge
Self loading
  • 1 auger
  • Trioform auger knives short
  • 1 restrictor-blade
  • Wear ring
  • Constant velocity PTO-shaft
  • Hydraulic loading platform
  • Adjustable drawbar
  • Front conveyor belt
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • 2 single wheels
  • Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52




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Vertifeed self-loading mixer feeding machine

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