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UKW 3500 self-loading feeder wagon

The UKW is a self-loading feeder with a volume of 3 or 5.5 m3. Where a silage stack stands at least 2 metres high, its U-shaped cutting board will cut a silage block measuring approximately 1 m3 . The manoeuvrability of this compact machine makes it ideal for use in combination with a lightweight tractor in U-shaped stalls and in stalls with narrow feeding alleys. The UKW 500 is designed to deal with the heaviest types of grass silage.

3 m³
Discharge type
Side door
  • Double single loading arm
  • Fully protected side-doors
  • Side-protection roller
  • Step-less speed regulation

UKW 3500




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UKW 3500 self-loading feeder wagon

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