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Triomatic HP 2 300 hanging feeding robot

The Triomatic HP 2 300 is a suspended, stand-alone feeding robot. The robot moves around the barn using a suspension system, which is particularly handy if the robot has to be kept clear of the floor in some parts of the barn and making it independent of ground or floor and weather conditions in outdoor sections. This feeding robot can, in fact, be raised up in order pass over the stalls. This means the robot can also be used to scatter straw in the stalls. The Triomatic feeding robot has two vertical mixing augers, a cross conveyor belt capable of discharging on both left and right, and a volume of 3 m3. The feeding robot can be used as a fully automated feeding system in combination with a stationary feed mixer, a feed kitchen with feed floors or with storage bunkers. A Wheel-based feeding robot is also available, the Triomatic WP 2 300.

  • Feeding robot 3m3
  • 2 vertical augers (stainless steel)
  • Discharge belt for discharge on both sides
  • Sliding power take off system
  • Full electric drive
  • Safety bumper
  • Double positioning system
  • Infinitely speed control on discharge belt and mixing augers

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