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Triomatic WP 2 300 wheeled feeding robot

This automatic feeding robot drives on four wheels. Two of the wheels have differential steering (skid steering) enabling the robot to manoeuvre easily in the feed alley. The robot has a mixing tub with 3m³ capacity and two vertical augers. Programming and operation is controlled by a 15” touch screen. The power supply runs on a power rail and discharge is via a conveyor belt. On request the front conveyor belt can be extended. In addition a feed push unit can be mounted on both sides of the robot. With this system, it is possible to feed in different stables in the farmyard. The feeding robot in combination with a stationary feed mixer, with a feed kitchen with feed floors or with feed storage bunkers can be used as an automated feeding system.

  • 3 m³ mixing tub made of durable stainless steel with weighing device
  • 2 vertical augers from wear-resistant stainless steel
  • Cross conveyor belt can feed to left or right
  • Power supply and control over power rail through sliding contact and sensing device
  • Infinitely adjustable electric drive of all functions
  • Bumper, front and rear with safety switch
  • Wheel drive
  • Skid steer
  • 15" touch screen

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Triomatic WP 2 300 wheeled feeding robot

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