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Turbobuster TU silage block cutter

The Turbobuster silage cutter is designed for extremely tough grass silage and has a high cutting capacity, thanks to the robust, deep serrations of the knives and the hydraulic bypass system, which is capable of providing high pressure independently of the tractor. The Turbobuster is capable of generating at least 40% more feed pressure and/or cutting force. The result is a smooth, clean-cut silage block.

< 5 m³
  • Silageblockcutter U-model
  • High capacity cutting system 
  • By-pass system ensures high cutting capacity in all kinds of silage
  • Standard equipped with back-plates, completely protected cable housing, knife protectors and quick-fit coupling
  • The machine is for three-point linkage and is to be connected directly to the tractor hydraulics
  • Special tempered cutting knives
  • Powder coated 
  • Cutting system with direct drive on the knives and bypass system




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